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A critical moment, how a woman took charge of her life


This week we will feature one admirable police officer who despite life’s downturn she decided to take charge of her life. She got pregnant at a young age but this did not deter her in pursuing her dreams.

She may have taken a short detour but she bounced back and burned the midnight candle to realize her most anticipated dream.

Meet PCpl Jennibeth Fortes Antabo, the featured police officer of the week. She originally came from Lucio Drive V. Rama Ave., Cebu City. She woke-up to the reality that their life was difficult, she had nine siblings. Her father was a mason and her mother a housewife. Although, their family struggled yet their father tried his best to feed all them.

She never went hungry because her father did his best to provide for the family. Despite their poor situation she was the princess in the family, as the second youngest sibling she was treated with care by his older siblings.

PCpl Antabo recalled that when she was in Grade 1 she used to have a pocket money of Php 3.00 but whenever her two elder siblings are around she won’t have any pocket money at all.

There was one occasion that was memorable to her and it made a mark to PCpl Antabo’s memory, it was her birthday and her father bought her a doll. Despite their situation her father asked what she wanted for her birthday. She wished for a simple birthday cake and bbq and when she woke up the next day she got her wish.

She could never imagine how her parents sent them all to school with just a meager income. Her diligence was her only key to success.

PCpl Antabo excelled in academics, in elementary she was always recognized in her efforts through ribbons during moving-up day. In high school she graduated with a 4th honorable mention recognition.

During college days, although she was a consistent dean’s lister but she did not graduate with honors because she transferred to different schools. In 1st year, she enrolled in the University of the Visayas and took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing, then shifted to another school which is Cebu Doctors until she finally chose to enroll in the University of Cebu-Main Campus and decided to take up Bachelor of Science in Criminology which she finished in 2015.

In 2008, PCpl Antabo had to stop in college due to pregnancy. After giving birth, she had to work in Julies Finest as a sales lady to sustain the needs of her baby.

In 2012, she decided to take hold of her life and finished schooling.

After graduating college, she took the board examination. On the first take, she passed the licensure and NAPOLCOM examination and on July 15, 2016 she was accepted into the PNP. That same day was the birthday of her father, it was a memorable gift of employment to her and her family.

Since then, PCpl Antabo has gained full control of her life, she got married to her classmate in college, PCpl Roy Antabo in a civil ceremony in 2020. They tied the knot once more in a church wedding on February 18, 2022. Now, they have three kids that they lovingly nurture.

According to PCpl Jennibeth Fortes Antabo, she couldn’t ask for more from her husband who supports and showers her with love.

Together they built memories for their children, whenever they are both on day-off they make sure that they spend quality time with their children.

PCpl Antabo is a multi- awarded police officer, awarded as Outstanding FJGS in Cebu PPO for 2021and 2022, Best PNCO for 3rd Quarter 2023 and Ginang Asturias for 2023.

As the Police Relation Community, Non-Commissioned Police Officer she was instrumental in the clearing of ten Barangay Drug Cleared barangays in Asturias, Cebu. This is evident of her dedication and commitment to serve the community.

Recently, she has rescued an old man who met an accident in Asturias, Cebu. For 12 years, he was having difficulty in walking, on February 27, the old man ventured outside of his home unfortunately he fell to the stony part just outside his house which cause injury to his head. Moreover, the granddaughter of Tatay posted on social media of what happened to him. This prompted PCpl Antabo to help the old man, on the other hand a stakeholder volunteered to buy groceries. He was then brought to the District Hospital of Asturias, underwent a CT-Scan and waiting for the result on Friday.

She is guided by her motto “As we serve others we are working on ourselves; every act, every word, every gesture of genuine compassion naturally nourishes our own”.

Let us not be discouraged that we are temporarily derailed in our plans, instead let us trust God’s plan for us. For as long as we are doing our part and we don’t lose hope like PCpl Jennibeth Fortes Antabo.

Continue with your good work PCpl Jennibeth Fortes Antabo, Carry on the good work. Mabuhi ka!

Written by: NUP Merlie A. Dacunos

Source: Cebu Police Provincial Office


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